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I already have a website. How come I'm not getting any business out of it?

Creating a website and waiting for traffic is like opening a store on a busy highway and not putting out a large sign to let passers by know what your store does. 
That's why the actual website design is a smaller expense than the promotion of the site.

There are a four ways to show up in search engine listings:

1. Organic search engine ranking - this is the unpaid portion of listings offered by search engines for terms relevant to your search phrase. THIS IS GOLD! when you show up on the first page for terms important to your business, that's like money in the bank. Of course, gold isn't free.

2. Pay-per-click listings - these are the advertising or sponsored listings that appear above the organic search engine listings or alongside them. If you want to be #1, no problem. Just be the highest bidder. Those rankings are assigned mostly by an auction style format where the highest bidder gets the highest ranking.

3. Social Media - In today's web, social media is a great way to reach the crowd without incurring much expense. A comprehensive social media strategy is essential to success. .

4. Online Directories - The web is full of online directories for everything. An example of these are the Yahoo directory, Yellow pages directories (and there are many..), physicians, plumbers, etc.

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